- Plain water is not the best beverage to replace electrolytes, such as Sodium and small amount of Potassium. Include Carbohydrates to help with your absorption of Sodium.
- A cool drink increases the rapid absorption of fluids in your stomach.
- Taste matters, choose a good flavor.
- If you are dehydrated, some foods will more rapidly improve your proper salt replacement.

 TOMATO SAUCE...............1481mg Sodium per cup
 CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP...1107 mg Sodium per cup
 TOMATO JUICE .................822 mg per cup
 SALTED PRETZELS..............483mg per cup

I- If you have excess body fat, plan ahead!! Your optimum rate of weight loss is 1-2 % of body weight per week.
- To prevent dehydration, weigh in before and after your training sessions. For every pound of body weight lost, 16 Oz. (473.17 ml) of fluid are necessary to replenish and re-establish the weight lost.
- Thirst alone is not an accurate guide to fluid replacement. If thirsty, you are already behind in your proper balance of fluids.
- Your urine should be clear or a lemon color. If your urine is darker ( the color of apple juice), you are dehydrated and need to drink more fluids during or after your workouts.
- Don't use plastic. Rubber suits, sauna/steam rooms, diuretics. laxatives, or training rooms over 79 to 26 C.

Dr. Joseph Eastwanik, MD 2007


A fighter may sustained a head injury without being KO or TKO. 
._ The fighter must walk home escorted and NOT drive any vehicles.
.- The Fighter is not to ingest sleeping pills, aspirins, sedatives, tranquilizers or any other sedating medications for a minimum of 48 hrs.
.- The fighter must not drink any alcohol for 12 hrs. after the fight.
.- if any combination of the following is observed within 72 hours after his/her fight the fighter must be taken immediately to the nearest emergency hospital room for a neurological assessment.

Persistent drowsiness - Persistent Headaches - Blurred or double vision - Nausea or vomiting - Tremors, fits or convulsions - Weakness of arm, leg or one side of the body - Trouble with balance or coordination - Confusion or lost of memory (especially for events surrounding the fight) - Lost of consciousness - Inability to tolerate sunlight or bright light.